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CPD for Applied Psychologists

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Updated on 21st February 2013

Monday, 11th March 2013 Edinburgh

Assessing & Treating Hoarding: Obsessional, Compulsive & Otherwise

9am – 5pm

Organised by: Lothian Clinical Psychology CPD Committee, Edinburgh

Speaker: Professor Paul Salkovskis, University of Bath Department of Psychology

Target Audience: NHS psychologists, psychiatrists and other NHS mental health practitioners

The workshop will describe how to assess those who hoard and their social and physical context, the problems of engagement in treatment and treatment itself both in psychological and practical terms. The importance of risk assessment will also be discussed. Maintenance of gains is also considered.


£65 for NHS Lothian staff

£80 for non NHS Lothian staff

Closing date: Monday 25 February 2013

Please see attached flyer for further information and application form.

For further information please email: jaana.campbell@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk


Saturday 23rd March 2013

Managing Tourette Syndrome - One day behavioural treatment training day

Organised by:  Doug Woods, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Details: Tourette Syndrome is a neurological condition consisting of multiple motor and vocal tics that are presumably due to failed inhibition within cortical-striatial cortical motor pathways.  In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among psychiatry and neurology about the utility of behaviour therapy procedures in managing the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome in children and adults. 

Target audience: The workshop will be of benefit to those working with people with Tourette Syndrome.  Especially psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, nurses with training in CBT, occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Cost: £150.00

For more information, press here . To book visit http://buytickets.at/tourettes-action/7323



Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May 2013


The prevalence of Personality Disorders is between 2% and 13% in the general population in the UK. There are several diagnosis that come under this umbrella term. People who are given a Personality Disorder (PD) Diagnosis requires support and understanding to cope with the symptoms.

People who receive a Personality Disorder Diagnosis are often more stigmitised than people who receive other mental health diagnosis.

Supporting people who attract a Personality Disorder Diagnosis is often challenging due to the lack of training and lack of understanding regarding this condition. Particularly the relation between suicidal ideation, self-harm and Borderline Personality Disorder.


During the two days participants will become familiar with the experience of being diagnosed with a Personality Disorder. In doing so their understanding and confidence supporting people with a PD diagnosis who engage in self-harming behaviours and/or experience suicidal thoughts.


1. Increase understanding of what is like to have a PD diagnosis and how it affects people.
2. Improve confidence and skills in order to respond to people with a PD diagnosis appropriately.
3. Explore the links between self-harm, suicide and Personality Disorders.
4. Borderline Personality Disorders.
5. Support and help: where to go for help, advice and/or support.


Anyone with an interest in Personality Disorders and would like to improve their confidence, knowledge and skills in the area.

Two Days One Day
Full price £165 £90
Vol sector £150 £79
Student £95 £40
Early Bird £140 £75

Prices include V.A.T, materials and teas/coffees. Lunch is not provided.

Saturday 19 January, Sunday 20 January, Saturday 26 January, Sunday 27 January, Saturday 2 February, Saturday 2 March

COSCA Certificate: Counselling Supervision

This course is designed to stimulate the less experienced practitioner into a better understanding and use of supervision, as well as to provide a significant first step for the longer trained and more experienced practitioner in their role as supervisor. There are two types of certificate offered and applicants need to establish which they wish to undertake:

  • Certificate in Counselling Supervision Skills: requires participants to have no less than the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate (or equivalent) as their training.
  • Certificate in Counselling Supervision: requires participants to have a Counselling Diploma (or equivalent) and substantial (several years) counselling practice.

Teaching Methods:

Includes theoretical inputs, small and large group work and skills practice. Both certificates require successful completion of the course and the submission of one written of one written assignment based on a transcript and analysis. The Certificate in Counselling Supervision requires an additional period of supervised practice as a supervisor after successful completion of the course and the completion of a case study. It is taught over six days.

Cost: £495 (payable 1 week before the course starts)

Course Dates: This course will be taught over six days in 2013, starting at 9.30am and running till 4.30pm.

 COSCA Further Steps in Counselling

This course is offered over six days (30 hours) and is open to those who have already completed the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate Course. It provides participants with the opportunity to both update and review their practice and understanding of counselling skills and to deepen and develop their knowledge and use of counselling skills. As well as reviewing some of the different approaches in counselling the course will explore attitudes and beliefs about human development and gender and sexual identity and raise awareness and understanding of trauma and conflict and addictions and dependency. The core of the learning will come from participants working with their own life experiences and skills applications and their own reactions and inner process when offering a counselling approach. As in the Counselling Skills Certificate Course the four strands of Skills, Theory, Self-awareness and Ethics are embedded in all the material covered.

Cost: £325 (payable 1 week before the course starts)

Course Dates: This course will be taught over six days in 2013, starting at 9.30am and running till 4.30pm.

Saturday 13 April, Saturday 20 April, Friday 26 April, Saturday 27 April, Saturday 4 May, Friday 31 May


Both courses are run by Mairi Nye Associates

Mairi Nye Associates is an organisational member of COSCA and Mairi is a COSCA accredited trainer. She has many years experience of working in the drug and alcohol field and has delivered training for both public & private sector organisations. Mairi holds a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work and an Advance Diploma in Counselling and is a practicing counsellor and supervisor. She adheres to the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice.

for further information please log on to www.simpson-house.org or email lesley.orr@crossreach.org.uk


Saturday November 24, 2012 – Sunday November 25, 2012

Introduction to Transactional Analysis 

Organised by:  Physis Training Edinburgh, EH9 1PY

On 9.30 - 4.30 (both days)

Details: Transactional Analysis (TA) brings together theories of human development, personality and communication in a powerful system of psychological models. It offers an easily accessible framework for understanding our experiences, for identifying where problems in communication are taking place, and for enabling personal change. It is used in education, in organisations, and in counselling and psychotherapy.

Cost: £158.00 (£139.00 for charities/self funding individuals) | Organised by Physis Training Ltd |

Contact: Deirdre Gillespie, Programme Manager | Phone: 0131 667 6173 | Application deadline: November 19, 2012


Monday, 26th November 2012 Galashiels
Specialist training: Managing Self-harming Behaviour
9:30 - 4:30
Organiksed by: HarmLESS Psychotherapy
Speakers: Maria Naranjo and Lora Coyle
Target Audience: Anyone interested on self-harm
This training has been developed utilising professional experience gathered from the delivery and management of  services for people who self-harm. In addition, people who self-harm has had an input in the preparation of the materials and are an integral part in the delivery of the training. Furthermore, we strive to keep up with current research and practice based evidence.
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